What is Job Board

SKLPC UK part of Kutchibusiness.com have introduced Job Board to help jobseekers within our community find employment.

How can I add jobs to Job Board

Fill in the form under POST A JOB and submit. Account details will be confirmed via Email. Login with the email address and click on forget password to create a new password. . Check for email from WordPress on your inbox or in your SPAM. To ensure this is not a spam check the invite is from kutchibusiness.com website.

If you haven’t received any email please contact us on info@sklpc.com and we will generate a Temporary password. Please change your password as soon as you’ve logged in under Profile.

How long will it take for jobs to appear on the Listing

Listing can take upto 24 hours for approval.

I’ve added my job listing but it doesn’t appear on job search

Please contact us on Info@sklpc.com with your email address that it was registered and we will get back to you.

How long will my listing be displayed on board

by default it’s listed for 90days, however in future we will look into adding features that will enable to set different date stamps.

How can I access my listing

Click on Jobs and all the listings posted will be displayed.

Job listing has disappeared

If a vacancy have been filled or is no longer required it will not show up in Job Search