Kutchi Business Expo

During our once a year SKLPC (UK) Annual Mela function, the Kutchi Business Expo takes place allowing our very own Shree Kutch Leva Patel Community Business owners to showcase their businesses to our Kutchi Community. Stalls are in high demand for this show piece once a year event and are allocated on a policy of first come basis. So be quick in contacting us as the potential gains of exhibiting can be phenomenal.

The SKLPC (UK) Committee has an aim of engaging with our business community more over the course of this year to ensure greater participation in such opportunities which allows businesses to organically grow in a home environment being our Samaj.

As a Samaj we want to hear your thoughts whether they are negative or positive as our Samaj is your Samaj and without your valuable opinion we would never be able to improve, so please feel free to contact us by clicking here